11 Things You Didn’t Know About Dan Bilzerian!

Perhaps the undisputed king of instagram, Dan Bilzerian is like a young Hugh Hefner.  Living an extravagant life of women, guns, fast cars and money, you have to wonder what else there is to know about this internet celebrity.

He’s been accused of being a objectifier of women, having tweeted things like “Ugly girls hurt my eyes.” In tons of Dan’s posts, he can be seen with topless or naked women, once boasting to have slept with 16 women in 12 days.  But is there more to the man?

Today we look at 11 things you didn’t know about Dan Bilzerian

11. He’s Rich
Dan’s one rich man! The 35 year old’s net worth is sitting between $100 – $150 million. It fluctuates from interview to interview but at the moment, it looks like it’s around $150 million. He admits he received money in a trust fund from his father but hasn’t said how much. He claims he has won over 50 million dollars – yes, 50 million, in poker games, with a whopping 10.8 million in his biggest win. Even in college he said he was making $90,000 week sometimes playing poker.  He crowned himself as the Bill Gates of Poker, You may not like him, but don’t be a hater! This man knows how to stack his chips! He also bet $2.3 million in poker chips on a coin flip and lost.

10. Famous Beard
Dan’s beard began his rise to fame. If only it could talk! Yup, it wasn’t his poker skills or crazy amounts of money, but a viral video of him in the background of a poker tournament having his beard stroked by an adoring woman while mind you in the foreground, $7 million was at stake. It’s no wonder, when offered $100,000 by an unnamed Facebook founder to shave off his lucky charm, he turned it down. Ironically a month after turning down the 100k, he shaved his beard off anyway for a movie role.

9. Daddy Bilzerian
Dan’s father, Paul Bilzerian was a corporate raider who reportedly made 100’s of millions of dollars.  The SEC (Securities and exchange commission) won a $62 million dollar judgement against Paul Bilzerian but after 25 years have only managed to collect $3.7 million dollars.  Not only that, the SEC spent $8.6 million in order to collect that $3.7M.  Government efficiency at it’s finest.  The older Bilzerian fought to avoid paying and has since taken refuge in St Kitts in the Caribbean. Since the 90’s, young Bilzerian has been seated atop trust fund money cushions fooling us all. Just when you thought all you needed was a well-placed beard, it appears to be too good to be true!

8. Famous Cat
While Dan has an impressive instagram following of 16M putting him in the top 50 users, Even Dan’s cat is more famous than you (or me). Smushball, the fluffy love of Dan’s life has a causal 855,000 followers on Instagram.  Wait, Smushball has a social media account that people actually follow you ask? Yes! You heard that right. Good luck competing with that! There is no denying it, Smushball is one cool kitty cat.

7. Thrown out of SEALs
Dan got thrown out of the Navy SEALs. Who makes it 99% of the way (510 days) and then flushes it down the toilet? Dan does! A few weeks before he graduated from the SEALs, he had an altercation with his commanding officer, calling him a “pussy” and earning himself a dishonorable discharge. He couldn’t just think it! Just because you like something Dan, doesn’t mean you have to go around calling people by it.

6. Arrested
No stranger to the jail cell. In his senior year, Dan was arrested, and not for your run of the mill rebellious kid offences. Nooo, that’s too boring. That’s not how Dan rolls. No, no, he had an M16 machine gun in his car on school property. A MACHINE GUN!!! The epitome of random badassery personified. And that wasn’t his last time to wear the iron bracelets.  He was arrested for allegedly detonating homemade explosives in the Nevada desert which could have resulted in a felony charge.  However this was reduced to a misdemeanor as part of plea deal that involved Dan making a public service announcement for the Bureau of Land Management

5. Movies
Dan’s had a taste of the silver screen!  In Olympus Has Fallen, he appeared as a stuntman – his recreational forte. The Other Woman and The Equalizer are other films that have been graced by his involvement. He also invested $1,000,000 into the movie Lone Survivor with Mark Walhberg in exchange for 8 minutes of screen time.  However this didn’t go quite as planned. The producers cut his screen time down to just 1 minute which threw Dan into a tizz. He sued them for $1.25M, the money he invested plus interest, but later dropped the charges after he made all his money back from the film.

4. Philanthropist
He’s so not stingy with his money.  With so much to go around, his loose change helped relieve some of the trauma victims of Typhoon Haiyan. In his 2013 “The Robin Hood Project” he gave away $100,000 of his winnings for this cause. He also performed other philanthropic acts such as donating money to the adoptive parents of a paraplegic child and 4 other sick siblings.
He is generous with his friends too and has invested in their exploits. The most famous of which was a $2000 investment for friend Jay Farber which was 20% of a 10k buy-in for the 2013 World Series of Poker tournament. Jay, also known as “Panda”, went on to win $5.1 million and gave Dan $1 million and a goat to say thanks!

3. Heart Attacks
Dan’s had 3 heart attacks! Now, I’d like to remind you that this guy is only 35. His first brush with death (of this nature) was at the sprightly age of 25 when he suffered not one but TWO heart attacks in the space of 12 hours! After 5 debaucherous days of sex, booze, drugs and partying like a rock star his heart said ‘Peace out!’ and tried to take the shortcut out. His attending physician? Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, who coincidentally had treated Bilzerian’s grandfather in the same hospital also for a heart attack.  His grandfather didn’t make it. Luckily Dan survived this as well as the 2nd attack a mere 12 hours later. I’m not exactly sure what brought on pulmonary embolism number three but it occurred en route to Hawaii from Vegas, traveling from one poker tournament to the next of course. Dan isn’t exactly known for his self-restraint so let’s hope that if the 4th one ever comes along, he’s kitted out to cope.

2. Biking Bet
Hedge fund manager Bill Perkins made a $600,000 bet with Dan that he couldn’t ride his bicycle from the Las Vegas welcome sign to his Los Angeles home, a 278 mile (447 km) ride, in under 48 hours.  Dan claimed he probably spent less than 20 hours on a bike in his life prior to making the best.  He trained with 7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong in exchange for donating $25,000 to one of Lance’s charities. Dan started on March 29, 2016 and completed the grueling ride in just 33 hours.  There was some controversy over the fact that Dan used a van for drafting because that wasn’t discussed as part of the bet, but Bill Perkins conceded that drafting probably only saved him about 6 hours which means he still would have finished well within the allotted time. The two are already contemplating a double or nothing bet which might involve walking across America, climbing Mt. Everest, or rowing from England to New York.

1. Porn star tossing
At a Hustler photo shoot he threw a naked porn star model, Janice Griffith, off a roof into a pool. As she was being tossed by Dan, she grabbed his shirt which may have thrown off her trajectory.  Her foot clipped the edge of the pool and she ended up with a broken foot while Dan escaped unharmed safely remaining on top of the roof. Janice threatened to sue Dan.  A scathing yet hilarious letter, supposedly written by Dan’s attorney according to TMZ, says that she knowingly accepted the risk and made the choice to do the stunt and quote “chronologically, she’s an adult competent to make it”