Weirdest Pictures Ever! (#3)

Today we look at 25 of the weirdest images on the internet! I guarantee at least one of these will make you say what the f*ck

Grandma monkey
Come give nana a kiss playa
Grandma keeps it gangster

Alligator boots are so 2000. All about that crococyle in the 10’s

Car seat
Scott figured he created a goldmine when he thought of his free airport shuttle service for women.
Is it just me or does he kinda look like Mark Walhberg

The handicap ramp. If you weren’t handicapped before using it you will be after

This is like a metaphorical depiction of all men.

Just a guy surfing with his alpaca

Granny getting ready to roundhouse any homeless dudes asking for bus fare

This guy’s got all his ducks in a row.

What. What do you do with *your* Cheerios

This turkey looking for the oval orifice
How many turkeys do you count in this photo

If you want dinner you better wash this giant snake…
which is weird because that’s the same thing I same to my… ah nevermind

Each year dozens of babies are discarded which means they are left in a public place with little chance of surviving. In fact most states now have what are called safe haven laws which allows you to legally and anonymously give up your baby for a short time after their birth. Indiana was even considering implementing baby boxes which were special boxes where you could basically just leave a baby.

Scooter Tow
Seems like it will work. After this he’s going to ask his buddy with crutches to help him move.

Milk face
Fruit loops seems like the right cereal choice here

Plane bag
TSA going too far requiring this man to be in a 40 Gallon zip lock bag. Either that or he’s just really into self dutch ovening. Actually some say he’s an ultra orthodox Jew and he’s doing this because the plane may fly over a cemetery which would apparently make him impure.

Now that’s love… or she has a really big life insurance policy. Fried chicken? Really?

Mom meet my new girlfriend… she has a great personality

Probably the CEO of some company unwinding after a stressful week.

Was this the aftermath of a dare video with Miranda Sings?

This might be the definition of krunk

Boredom is a hell of a drug

Family bath.. okay that’s a little weird… Wait Why is the water red? Is that a newborn infant? oh my god ohhh uhhh!

Mini 007
This is actually from a movie called for your height only. It stars Filipino actor Weng Weng who is a little under 3 ft (83 cm) tall. He plays a james bond-like character called double “oh”

This is a real condition called Genu recurvatum (Jen U ree-cur-vatum) aka back knee where the legs hyperextend so much they actually bend backwards

I’m not really sure what’s happening here but it looks like he’s stomping on this woman’s stomach who appears to be pregnant in some kind of religious healing ceremony. Apparently she did give birth to a baby some time after this video